What is the new car franchise auto dealers best kept Secret?

What has been their Secret Sauce for years?

What is their trusted Realtime Data Driven CXM and Reputation Alert System?

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What is the Secret?


Why is it such a Secret?

Trela has purposefully not done any advertising. Trela360 has grown nationwide based on 100% dealer referrals.

Dealer Referral Network

"The best sales people are the ones who use it"


We believe if a service is that good, then your dealers will sell it for you.


Our dealer network is our best referral source


Who knows your service better than those who use and endorse it?

*Trela is the word alert spelled backwards

Our Story

In today's everchanging Auto Industry, time and resource management are vital keys to success. Every day dealers must find a way to bring in new clients while making sure they maintain strong relationships with existing clients. It costs 7-10x more to acquire a new client than to retain an existing loyal client. This is why we created Trela360. We wanted to provide dealers a simple yet elegant fully automated tool to facilitate the building of loyal client relationships.

Trela's Founding Principles:

• Saving an unhappy client is worth 10 new clients

• Dealers need immediate customer feedback

• Dealers need to know if their customer is happy before they leave the dealership or at a minimum within hours of leaving

• Unhappy customers will be vocal to others about negative experience, social media is a powerful tool

• Leverage immediate custom feedback into increased revenue opportunities

• KIS Keep it simple

Trela Core Philosophy:

Knowledge and data are power!

Dealers that have Trela360 will know in real time what their customers experience has been and will have the power to master the challenge of retaining loyal clients while adding new clients daily.

Trela360 is the platform that delivers dealerships the knowledge and power to protect and strengthen existing customer relationships...freeing up time and resources to acquire new clients. Quoting one of our dealer principals, "Trela360 is my customer Radar system and Insurance policy"

DCS Live

What and Why DCS Live?


DCS Live is a real-time customer exit interview feature


It provides immediate customer feedback to the Dealer department heads

CRS Follow-Up

What and Why CRS Follow-Up


CRS Follow-Up provides the dealer manual and fully automated real-time text and email follow-up customer feedback. All options are customized to the dealers needs.


Having CSI/KPI challenges?
CRS is a dealer's real-time radar system. Immediately find out what a customer is really thinking so you can address it right away.


Not having CSI/KPI challenges?
CRS is also thought of as a dealers Insurance policy. If a dealer is happy with their CSI/KPI and Reputation, Trela360 keeps dealers alerted to make sure they continue on that path with their customer.



Dealer's direct customers


Customer's real-time review and reputation postings


Dealer direct follow-up capabilities with no third-party interference of posting information

Artificial Intelligence "AI"

What and Why AI?


AI in CRS and Reputation provides the dealer multiple streamlined avenues to respond quicker and data mine from their customers interaction.


It increases a dealers efficiency by offering multiple dealer-to-customer response capabilities to customer's needs


Trela360 is fully integrated and certified by the largest DMS providers and others

CDK Global Partner Program
Certified Opentrack Partner
Reynolds Certified Interface Program


Data...collect invaluable customer live feedback data

Increased KPI/CSI

Increased Customer Retention

Increased Reputation

Reduced Operation Expenses

Utilized in Multiple Departments

New/Used Car and Extended Warranty Leads

Team Accountability

Increased SEO

Fully Automated


Trela360 is designed to support all dealers.

Trela360 is utilized by the nation's largest public and private dealer groups nationally, regionally and locally.

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